You’ve done the work, overcome the challenges and nailed the project.

And we believe you should reap the rewards.

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Evidence. Verification. Proof.

Whatever you call it, that’s what closes deals and wins new construction projects.

Overvue was founded to make gathering and presenting your proof of a job well done. Because when you’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt, we believe it should be simple for you to have that data to hand, right when you need it.

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Meet Angela and Daniel

Hello! We’re the founders of Overvue

Angela Higham
Angela Higham
Managing Director
Daniel Higham
Daniel Higham
Managing Director

Our story

We started our journey as specialist photographers in property and construction. But we noticed construction companies facing the same challenge time and again - having the right data captured, ready to be used for the next bid.

We were called in to photograph completed builds, and we’d see a busy pre-construction director trying to gather other critical information about a project for a tender, from a site manager that’s turned his attention to a new project and a client that can’t quite remember the details. No easy task.

That’s because, during construction, everyone on the construction team is rightly focused on delivering the project, not documenting it.

So when the data was needed for vital evidence to win the next project, it was too late. Buildings were finished, memories had faded, and people had moved on to new projects.

But we had a flash of inspiration.

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Construction companies need a partner to help them gather data in real-time, document projects as they progress, and bring that data together in a way that wins bids.

With our years of experience in photography, and information-gathering roles like business development and account management, we knew we’d be the perfect data-capture partner.

Fast forward to today, and Overvue is supporting construction companies to win the work they deserve with case studies that leave a lasting impression on the right people.

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